Cane growers turning to Valor Herbicide

On 26 Oct 2017 Tags Product news

It has been just over a year since Sumitomo Chemical Australia launched its renowned herbicide Valor® 500WG to cane growers. Valor can either be used with knockdown herbicides to improve broadleaved weed control, or at higher rates...

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NEW Intuity Fungicide

On 10 Jul 2017 Tags Product news

Intuity is a new Strobilurin fungicide from Sumitomo that provides excellent control of White Mould in green beans and lettuce, and for the control of Blossom Blight and Brown Rot in stone fruit . Intuity is a Group 11 fungicide, its active ingredient...

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Chateau Herbicide now registered for use in orchards

On 29 May 2017 Tags Product news

Chateau® Herbicide was launched last year to grape growers with great success, in fact Sumitomo Chemical Australia have been inundated with photographs of its ongoing control. The great news is the registration of Chateau has just been extended to...

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Winter pre-sowing knockdown with Valor 500 WG herbicide

On 13 Mar 2017 Tags Sumitomo

Valor® (active ingredient Flumioxazin) is a unique and versatile Group G herbicide from Sumitomo Chemical Australia with many potential applications to be considered. Its main use is as a spike for glyphosate and paraquat-based herbicides – for the...

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ReTain Advanced Fruit Management in Apples

On 10 Mar 2017 Tags Sumitomo

Sumitomo ReTain is a natural plant growth regulator for apples and stone fruit. It can improve harvest management, fruit quality and enhance storage potential. ReTain helps orchardists time their harvests to increase fruit size, firmness while...

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