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Valor® (active ingredient Flumioxazin) is a unique and versatile Group G herbicide from Sumitomo Chemical Australia with many potential applications to be considered. Its main use is as a spike for glyphosate and paraquat-based herbicides – for the control or burndown of unwanted weeds before planting a range of winter broadacre and summer row crops. Valor improves the efficacy and speed of action of herbicide partners against weeds. It has excellent activity against a number of problem weeds including Wild radish (Raphanus raphanistrum), Vines (Ipomoea spp.) and Wireweed (Polygonum aviculare).

• Valor has rapid burndown activity when applied to weed foliage to accelerate and enhance the activity of slow-acting herbicides like glyphosate.

• Valor is rainfast after one hour, and its efficacy is hardly reduced by rain even if it occurs soon after an hour has lapsed.

• Valor is has a single use rate of 30 grams per ha.

• Valor is effective for control of volunteer Roundup Ready canola that germinates as contaminated seed.

• For ease of calibration, Valor comes pre-packaged in convenient 10 ha water soluble sachets.

For more information on using Valor in broadacre please refer to the below resources:

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For more information on using Valor in cotton or sugar cane crops please click here to go to the Valor literature page