Tue, 12/02/2019 - 15:15



Sumitomo Chemical donates mosquito product to Townsville City Council

In response to the recent floods in Northern Queensland, Sumitomo Chemical Australia is proud to announce that it has donated 35,000 Mozzie Mesh mosquito control products to Townsville City Council. Mozzie Mesh will be distributed to residents to help combat the expected surge in mosquito numbers following the flood.

Mozzie Mesh is a unique product developed by Sumitomo Chemical, it works by emanating a potent mosquito control active ingredient without the need for heat or electricity. The product is simply hung or placed inside a room and starts to work when air circulates across its surface. The product is odourless and provides protection against biting mosquitoes 24 hours/day for up to 4 weeks.

“It’s clear the residents of Townsville and north Queensland are doing it tough after the flooding. The aim of the donation is to provide support and protection for homeowners from the annoyance and potential diseases carried by biting mosquitoes, said Dr Gordon Reidy, General Manager of Sumitomo Chemical Australia. “The advantage of Mozzie Mesh is that it does not need electricity to work, so it will still provide protection to those without power as a result of the flood.”