Fri, 05/07/2019 - 12:00


Product news

Sumitomo Chemical Australia requests that effective immediately, batches of Pyganic Organic Insecticide: AC1030; AC1948; AC1693 not be supplied into the organic market.

Low levels (parts per million) of a synergist, piperonyl butoxide, have been detected in all batches. These batches of Pyganic present no risk to the environment, human health or produce when used according to the product label in standard crop protection programs. This issue relates to the use of product in the organic market only as it may affect organic certification.

Suppliers who have this product in stock are requested to stop the supply of Pyganic Organic Insecticide into the organic market.

Sumitomo Chemical is currently seeking instruction from the organic certifying bodies Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA), as well as the APVMA, regarding the next course of action in relation to the affected product batches. Sumitomo Chemical will disseminate the information contained in this note via the Sumitomo Chemical website www.sumitomo-chem.com.au and by direct communication with resellers of the product. We will also contact relevant industry groups and request this information be sent to all relevant members.

Sumitomo Chemical Australia takes all quality issues very seriously and apologises for any inconvenience caused.

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