Council grateful for flood mossie control

On 08 Mar 2019 Tags Sumitomo

Townsville City Council has thanked Sumitomo Chemical Australia for reducing the impact of mosquitoes after the floods.

The company has donated 35,000 “Mossie Mesh” mosquito control emanators to the city.

Townsville Local Recovery and...

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Novel product to tackle post-flood mosquito surge

On 12 Feb 2019 Tags Sumitomo

Sumitomo Chemical donates mosquito product to Townsville City Council

In response to the recent floods in Northern Queensland, Sumitomo Chemical Australia is proud to announce that it has donated 35,000 Mozzie Mesh mosquito control products...

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Nigel Bartels Intuity Testimonial

On 05 Oct 2018 Tags Sumitomo

Nigel Bartels is a Horticultural Consultant with Serve-Ag in Huonville, Tasmania. Nigel’s beat spans multiple growing regions across Tasmania. An expert in pome- and stone-fruit crops, Nigel specialises in cherries and apples. 

“Cherries are a...

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Valor brings flexibility to summer weed control

On 26 Jul 2018 Tags Sumitomo

New pre-emergent residual registrations for Valor® herbicide in fallows and prior to planting summer crops greatly broadens crop rotation flexibility and boosts efforts in combating herbicide resistance.

New registrations for...

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Sumitomo Chemical Begins Operations at New Chemistry Research Centre

On 01 Jun 2018 Tags Sumitomo

Sumitomo Chemical has announced that, starting June 1, it will begin the operations of its Chemistry Research Centre (“CRC”), a synthesis research building newly built on the premises of its Health & Crop Sciences Research Laboratory in Takarazuka...

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