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Scott Brown (and the girls!) Dairy Farmer - Hagley, Tas

This is my first year of using Progibb. We were entering winter with low reserves of hay and no silage. I have been using Progibb at 20g/ha and easy N at 40l/ha. The first application was done on 15 May, 28 days later we were grazing it with a cover of 2500kg/ha. I am onto my second application now, and some of these paddocks are onto being grazed for a second time. This product has certainly pulled us out of a hole. We have experienced some severe frosts which scorched paddocks white, after applying this product after the frost lifted it was only a matter of days before the paddock was green and growing again. Normally we would be at a 90 day round this time of year and would apply 100kg/ha of Urea. I have noticed a definite saving by using this product and the girls are milking as well at this time of year as they ever have. I have just applied the product to another 60 ha after a long dry spell and it will help us feed our spring calving drys. Thank you Sumitomo , you are a lifesaver.

Tom Graesser. Tas Agronomy Plus - Evandale, Tas

"I have used Progibb with clients in Northern Tassie through the winter months for a number of years . On well fertilized ryegrass pastures, typical drymatter responses are around 3-500 kg/ha within a month of application. Responses appear even greater on Phalaris and cocksfoot based pastures. We have found it a very cost effective tool to build a feed gap ahead of lambing or calving in tight years, particularly when tank mixed with other spray operations such as thistle or corbie spraying."

Robert Myers. Landmark Nathalia, Vic. Mob: 0437 004672

"My name is Robert Myers and I am a dairy and broad acre agronomist for Landmark in Shepparton Victoria. I have been involved in pasture for the last10 years and have been actively promoting and using progibb for the last 6 years. The results we have obtained is getting extra pasture growth through the winter "pinch" which occurs when ground temperatures drop has been excellent. We are seeing increases in DM of in the region of 350 to 500 kg per grazing and reducing rotation by 7to 10 days. The best thing about progibb versus other products on the market is the stability it shows and it's ability to mix with herbicides insecticides and liquid fertilizers. Right from the early trial stages I have been impressed by the results we have obtained and would recommend the product to anyone wanting extra winter growth. I am happy to speak at length to anyone wanting more information on Progibb SG."

Dairy farmer - Ouse, Tas.

"We recently bought the first tow and fert machine made by Metalform nz in Australia. We have been using it almost daily on our fully irrigated farm in southern Tasmania to apply urea ( which the machine turns into a liquid form ) mixed with ProGibb. The results are very good visually and growth rates have been 30 a day or better next round. We intend adding herbicide for thistles before we dry off the machine has made the use of ProGibb and urea very easy with huge potential."

Sheep farmer - Goulburn, NSW

I had used ProGibb a few winters ago and was happy with the results. I have recently sprayed again after late autumn rain onto well fertilised improved pasture with pleasing results. It can help fill the void of pasture availability for lambing ewes.

Dairy farmer - Carapook, Vic.

We run a 630 cow dairy at Casterton in South West Vic with predominately phalaris and cocksfoot based pastures. With progibb combined with urea we are able to run a 3 week rotation in the middle of July. With urea alone this is not possible but the GA keeps it firing and no supplementry feeding (Hay or Silage) is required. Two applications are usually applied, totalling to over 1500 acres covered each year. To sum it up it is just bloody cheap feed!