About ProGibb SmartGrass

ProGibb® SG contains a natural plant growth regulator formulated as a unique low dose water soluble granule formulation for use in pasture farming systems.

By augmenting the natural level of gibberellins contained in plant tissue, it makes leaves grow longer and faster, thus creating significant gains in dry matter yield. This is particularly evident in the cooler months of the year (autumn through to spring) when pasture growth rates have naturally slowed.

For over 40 years ProGibb has been used in Australia for manipulating the growth of horticultural crops e.g. citrus, stone fruit and grapes, to improve yield, quality and marketability. This heritage makes Sumitomo Chemical Australia the clear leader in the field of plant growth regulators.

It is well documented that between 1500 kg and 2500 kg of good quality dry matter per hectare is the ideal pasture quantity to ensure optimum animal production.

With winter depletion of pasture a common occurrence in temperate pasture zones of Australia, it is important to maximise pasture growth to provide quality feed for meat and milk production. Pasture depletion during cooler weather and cold soil temperatures affects farm income as a consequence of increased costs caused by supplementary feeding. ProGibb SG effectively increases grass growth and feed quantity during periods of reduced winter pasture production.