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14 December 2017

Notice of Voluntary Recall: Motac 500 SC

Sumitomo Chemical Australia advises that effective immediately all batches of Motac 500 SC manufactured prior to August 2017 are voluntarily recalled.

This product conformed to manufacturing specifications at the time of manufacture, but it has since been discovered that over time the viscosity of the product has increased to the level where it may be difficult to pour, thus presenting some usability challenges.

These recalled batches of Motac 500SC, when used in accordance with the label directions, present no additional risk to crops, humans or the environment. This issue relates to the physical aspects of the product and efficacy is not impacted.
Growers who have this product on hand are requested to return it to their point of purchase.

As per Sumitomo Chemical Quality Assurance policy, the APVMA is supervising this recall under voluntary recall procedures. Sumitomo Chemical will proactively communicate this voluntary recall in conjunction with the APVMA using different channels including the Sumitomo Chemical website www.sumitomo-chem.com.au and direct communication with customers who purchased affected batches of the product. The company will also inform relevant industry groups and request for this information to be disseminated to their members.

Sumitomo Chemical Australia takes all quality issues very seriously and apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

Further information:

Chris van der Hoven

Commercial Manager: Crop Protection

(02) 8752 9018