Fri, 21/08/2015 - 14:39


100 years, Industry news

David Woods Landmark Melb, Nick Fazekas Elders, Toru Tsuchiya Sumitomo Chemical Tokyo, Tony Brookes Sumitomo Chemical Aust.

On the 20th of August, a host of industry partners joined with local and international representatives of Sumitomo Chemical at the Rialto hotel in Melbourne to celebrate their 100th anniversary.

While guests mingled over the food and wine, Ray Nishimoto, Sumitomo Chemical Board Member and President of Health & Crop Sciences Sector provided an overview of the company’s origins and an insight into plans for the future.

Sumitomo company history can be traced back to the 16th century, while Sumitomo Chemical was formed in 1915. The agricultural chemical business, which is the foundation of its operation in Australia, commenced in the 1950s with the discovery and production of the first synthetic pyrethroids. 

Subsequently the agricultural chemical business has evolved into a global operation with 37 overseas subsidiaries operating research, production, sales and marketing facilities. 

Mr Nishimoto explained how in recent times the company has made major investments in biological technologies to complement its conventional chemistry origins. It has also looked to significantly expand its activity from delivering traditional crop protection products to include more specialised processes around post harvest treatments, inoculants and organic food production. 

Mr Nishimoto also discussed the Sumitomo business philosophy which is based on the principle that “our business must not only benefit our own interests but also society at large”. He emphasised the importance of trust, integrity and sustainability to the Sumitomo Chemical business culture.

After his presentation, Mr  Nishimoto along with Kimitoshi Umeda, General Manager of Crop Protection Division International and other senior executives spent time chatting with guests and answering their questions. 

Tony Brookes the Managing Director of Sumitomo Chemical Australia said that the event  was a great way to thank the partners who had supported the company in Australia and provide an insight into Sumitomo Chemical’s plans for the future with a clear commitment to Australian agriculture.