Thu, 16/11/2017 - 10:52


Industry news

Peter Cole, Sumitomo Chemical Australia’s Field Research and Development Biologist, was recently recognised with the Sector President Award. This international award recognises outstanding contributions from AgroSolutions Division staff and behaviours that are in keeping with the ‘Sumitomo Spirit’. Candidates for the award are nominated by region heads and then approved by senior global management.

Peter travelled to Tokyo, Japan where he was joined by four other award winners from around the world to receive his prize in person from Sector president, Ray Nishimoto. After receiving the award the group toured Sumitomo Chemical facilities and enjoyed several days of sightseeing.

Peter joined Sumitomo Chemical Australia in early 2013. The main focus of his role is to design and conduct replicated field trials on commercial farms or in laboratory bioassays to enable a thorough understanding of products efficacy and their application within Australian cropping systems.

The data Peter generates must withstand rigorous scientific scrutiny as it is used to support product registration. On the other hand, Peter must also provide data that is commercially relevant and easily disseminated by the marketing team.

Tony Brookes Managing Director of Sumitomo Chemical in Australia is happy to sing Peter’s praises. “Peter has been working incredibly hard in the field for us. In particular on technical extensions and product development. Peter’s work has been instrumental in bringing key Sumitomo products such as Chateau, Intuity, Prolectus, ReTain, Samurai and Valor to market here in Australia.”  Tony adds “Peter’s professionalism, work ethic, commitment and technical agronomy skills make him an outstanding contributor to Sumitomo Chemical Australia’s growth and success. He is held in high regard by his peers for his knowledge, hard work, honesty, humility, good humour and is outstanding team member. Peter is the embodiment of the Sumitomo philosophy and is a critical component to our strategy for growth through bringing innovative new solutions to agriculture in Australia.”

During the last four years Peter has personally conducted over 100 replicated trials across an area roughly equivalent to Japan, in around 20 different crops, driving extensive distances and working in often difficult climatic situations from below freezing to over 45 ˚C.

Peter says he felt both honoured and humbled to receive the award as he feels it is not just a recognition of him but also for the team effort of dedicated individuals involved in and supporting the research and development arm of the business here in Australia.